A photograph of two airplanes on final to Ponca, AR

Welcome to the Airfield Guide. A work in progress.

For Pilots

"What we need is a way to take local tribal knowledge about grass strips and make it public knowledge. We need a tool that shows what strips are out there and what amenities are available. And, we need to make the tool available to pilots outside the Ozarks... pilots in Oregon or Florida or anywhere in the world. Ultimately we need to provide a tool that works anywhere, even when WiFi and cellular service aren't available."

A computer screen

Our first step is to Develop a web based system that allows pilots to access information about airfields, and to add that information by uploading their own observations.

In the beginning, airfields will be limited to those in Northwest Arkansas. This will allow us to make sure the system works properly before expanding it to include other regions of the US.

We'll provide data - and lot's of it. We'll maintain traditional airport information like lat/long, elevation, ownership and usage, and frequencies. We'll also take advantage of Galen Hanselman's calculations for relative hazard index (RHI) for each airfield and present an RHI for each runway and approach.

Amenities like swimming, hiking, mountain biking, camping, lodging, horseback riding, and restaurants will be included. We'll even show you if WiFi is available. Runway surface conditions and approaches, surrounding terrain, and videos of approaches and departures will also be available.

Of course, we'll have crowd sourced data like airfield ratings, comments, and photographs as well.

A map of the United States with possible regions of expansion shown.

Our next step will be to Expand our coverage to other regions in the United States. We know there are some excellent books on backcountry flying in Idaho and Utah, and online resources for many other states. We think the Airfield Guide complements these resources. If you live in a part of the country you believe would benefit from inclusion in the Airfield Guide, drop us an email. We'd love to discuss it with you.

An iPhone

The logical last step is to develop a mobile app for offline viewing. Our website will be mobile ready, but we think pilots will want access to the Airfield Guide data when they don't have any WiFi or cell connectivity. To accomplish that, we'll need to develop mobile apps that sync our data to the device, so it will always be available.